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 Whoster the Racist Snake: Part 2

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Whoster the Racist Snake: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Whoster the Racist Snake: Part 2   Whoster the Racist Snake: Part 2 EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 12:39 pm

Whoster The Racist Snake: Part Two

RADIOACTIVE STUFF! Fell from the sky and pounded into the ground. There was no seen source of the RADIOACTIVE STUFF! other than the large metallic object moving across the clouds. The Chrysler Building, in all it's evil glory stood casting a shadow over the city. And in that shadow fell the RADIOACTIVE STUFF!.

The corpse of a young snake burst to life, pulsing and gurgling until it thrust itself alive. It was in full throttle, and it was delicious. Just as the snake opened its eyes, its lips parted and it spoke one single word.


It sprang to its feet and began picking flowers immediately. This was Whoster. A snake. A racist snake. He was searching for a flower which held a tiny speck on top of it, which housed the legendary town of Jewville. He had watched a movie called Horton Hears a Jew while he was dead and was now obsessed with finding the small town. Jewville. Maybe it was on Jewpiter?

Whoster swung his big battle stick around, hitting many innocent children and changing their lives forever. Their ears were missing, their eyes were now just bloody holes. They were bruised, beaten, and injured. That was when the authorities arrived and began letting off their bullets, their firearms sparkling brightly in the morning. BUTRH EN it didNT work! Whoster instantly grew eight feet taller and began letting off gas waste from his rump, instantly poisoning and killing everyone. One nearby civilian lit a match to fire up a cigarette, but the exposure to the gas was something he'd come to regret.

BOOM. The RADIOACTIVE STUFF! had saved him! Whoster passed out, shrinking many feet from letting out his gas.


He opened his eyes, finding himself in a dark room. There was only one light, directly above him. It distorted everything. Then he saw the smiling face of Darkel, that tricksty fiend. Only Darkel had a smiley frown, and was covered in stuff. He then let out a great, "STFU!" and began bashing Whoster in the face with an iron muffin. It was in that glorious moment that the Mongoose god, Zaroas, jumped from the shadows and enticingly tackled Darkel, stroking his pale cheek with much romance. Whoster came to his feet and tackled Zaroas, yelling, "YOU DONT KNOW THE MONGOOSE!"

"I GUS SEVED UR LIFE BRU!" Zar shouted, punching Whoster in the face twenty three times. Darkel got up and emptied his gun into Whoster's backside. His wide-brimmed hat casting a shadow over Whoster as he fell to the side. Zaroas got up and horseflies, he transformed into a beautiful horse man who was beautifully smexy. But Darkel was hard to get and threw the iron muffin through the throat of the horse man, causing him to choke.

The wall MELTDE! And like water it flushed away as trh great Sairei stepped through. She appeared to be a mobster with a dragony tale and a BIG gun which she used to stab Whoster with. Darkel began to Irish jig all over his corpse, just in time for Zaroas to demonifiy and possess Sairei, for she was a single woman in her prime and fell prey for the Zar.

She then attacked Darkel, but he was FASHT, and pulled her face into an instant washing machine, where he cut her with a rat head and forty clippers. "DOOM DOOM DOLM!" he shouted AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS.

Darkel pressed and pressed and pressed, screaming, "Run! Run as fast as you can! ITS THE FEKKING GINGERBREAK MAN!" she finally resisted and roundhoused his face. His arse released an array of knives which she then deflected with Jew powers. She began a Chinese transformation into a Jewman and roughly scalped Darkel, ripping his foopy hat in two.

Celo appeared through the heat of battle and calmed everyone with her Japanese senses. "Y R U FITING?" she screamed. But it was too late. Zaroas emerged from Sar and shot a gout of cocaine into her throat, causing her to choke and collapse onto the floor. Whoster woke up, very distressed by the sound of his mistress dying and began to give her CPR by pressing a cold ice pack against her neck and punching it as hard as he could. In a matter of moments Celo died and Whoster's eyes flowed tears.

"WE MUSY HARVEST THE ORGANS!" Darkel shouted. He pulled a knife from his back and gutted Celo, ripping her open and throwing organs onto everyone. He took all of the feces from inside her intestines and scooped them up in his hands. He looked at Whoster. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" he blared.

Whoster mumbled, "No."


Whoster mumbled, "Absolutely not."



Zaroas shouted, "GET REKT!" He yelled, throwing his gump at the man, forcing him into the ground and pushing Whoster up into his body through his gut. The sight was so horrid that Sairei's heart exploded inside her from too much sugar. All that was heard was a violent grunt and her body hitting the ground.

Darkel flung the feces into the mouth of Zar, bashing his head against a wig shop. "/kill!" He shouted and Zar fell dead, crushing Whoster who was still squirming inside of Zar. Darkel began shooting rogaine into Whoster, making EVRY HARE ON VHIS BODY GRO! and Whoster became an instant Sasquatch Rubeus Hagrid, pounding many tiny kittens with his huge beard.

Darkel dropped his pants, revealing a machine gun caught between his knees. He began firing, shooting Whoster in the face until he was dead-ish and then shooting himself.


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Whoster the Racist Snake: Part 2
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