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 Interitus (OOC)

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PostSubject: Interitus (OOC)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:03 am

The year is 2067 - The world has undergone a new technological revolution, with numerous advancements in fields such as cybernetics and artificial intelligence. Enormous mega corporations also exist, subjugating the people of Earth to a degree. The city of San Francisco has recently suffered a very high amount of terrorist attacks, targeting civilian centers of activity, corporate leaders, and politicians. A mysterious woman calling herself the Blood Dancer has claimed responsibility for the attacks. As a result, the government has declared martial law and suspended habeas corpus in California (As the attacks are not completely isolated to San Francisco), and the Department of Homeland security has effectively taken over the city in an effort to curb the attacks - Despite this, they continue. There is much more than meets the eye with Blood Dancer and the attacks, however. What secrets are to be uncovered?


Cyberpunk RP with Darkel. This thread will basically be for planning and character sheets.


Character Sheet:

Character sheet:
(lol thanks Al)

Basic Information



Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Physical Appearance:


Outward & Innate Personality:
Prized Possession:



Zaroas -
-The Blood Dancer

Darkel  -


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PostSubject: Re: Interitus (OOC)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:12 pm

Basic Information

Name: *Unknown*
Nickname/Alias/Etc: the Blood Dancer
Gender: Female
Age: *Unknown*
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 pounds


Hair Color: Dark brown with light brown highlights
Eye Color: *Unknown*
Ethnicity: Half Japanese, half American (Though of German descent)
Physical Appearance: Due to the nature of her attire, the Blood Dancer's physical appearance isn't entirely known. What can be discerned is that she is very physically fit, with a slim build. Her skin is also known to be fair skin with a slight golden undertone. She additionally appears to have cybernetic implants in her arms and legs.
Attire: The most notable part of the Blood Dancer's attire is an enigmatic mask she wears. This takes on two forms with the use of nanotechnology . The first is completely flat and black, the only notable features being slits where her mouth is to allow her to breath. The second form is that of a Japanese hannya mask, very similar to this one. The eyes mechanically glow red. The rest of her outfit is a highly advanced black and dark grey combat suit similar in appearance to this, though with a darker color scheme.


Outward & Innate Personality: Outwardly, the Blood Dancer is very ruthless with a slight sadistic side, completely uncaring for her enemies and willing to use anything at her disposal to accomplish a task.
Skills/Talents: It is known by the DHS that the Blood Dancer has a lot of skill in using sniper rifles and other firearms, and is additionally very good at martial arts.
Prized Possession: *Unknown*
History/Bio: *Unknown*
Abilities/Weapons: The Blood Dancer is known to use firearms extensively, particularly a sniper rifle and pistols, and is also skilled in hand to hand combat, particularly martial arts.
Flaws: *Unknown*
Other: Note that the sections marked as unknown are those that will be filled in a the story progresses due to spoilers.


Steam - DeviantArt // ""This battle will be my masterpiece.""
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PostSubject: Re: Interitus (OOC)   Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:18 pm

Basic Information

Name: Charles Wyler
Nickname/Alias/Etc: Maddemon, Morbigo, Mr. Coat and Boots, Red-Eyed Beauty

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 6'10
Weight: 200 lbs

Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Blood red from augmentation effects.
Ethnicity: White
Physical Appearance: Maddemon is an extremely peculiar figure. He is very, very tall from his augmentations and his shape is rather slender. He has pale skin whiter than snow and is somewhat tough due to the fact that his skin is in this quality because of being burnt some time ago. The machines that saved his body radiated a chemical that turned his skin completely white. He has black hair slicked over to the side. Some sloppy strands hang down from his forehead and in front of his eyes. His eyebrows are often drawn on and his teeth often look very yellow compared to his skin. His right leg is entirely robotic and painted black. He has augmentations about his spine, just beneath his skin. This allows him better reflexes, given that his nervous system is improved tenfold and his coordination is far more advanced than the norm. An implant within his skull is said to give him oddly luminous red irises and jet black pupils. The implant is said to allow him to see things at various distances, having zooming capabilities. It is also theorized that it allows heat-trace vision and night vision.

Attire: Often Maddemon is seen wearing a formal black business coat and suit. A red tie and black boots with thick, four inch soles. Other times he is seen wearing a black bullet-proof jacket and paddings about his arms and legs and a large black gas mask. He often wears black gloves and knee-high white socks.


Outward & Innate Personality: No known person knows Maddemon on a personal level. Most people know him for his business: slaughter. He is renown for being a merciless killer, one that doesn't do the job simply for elimination, but rather for entertainment and satisfaction. He has been known to perform some of the most gruesome murders in San Francisco. He has outmatched even international terrorists in the art of torture.

Hobbies/Interests: It is thought that Maddemon once took an interest in gambling, due to the very nature of some of his threats and killings. But other than that, nothing else is known.

Skills/Talents: It is known that Maddemon possesses an extraordinary skill in firearms. He is often seen wielding duel pistols and can fire at two targets at once. He is also known that he knows how to construct explosives and detonate them. He is known to be a skilled user of automatics as well.

Prized Possession: Unknown
History/Bio: Unknown
Abilities/Weapons: By clicking his feet together he is capable of activating a levitation generator in his cybernetic leg, giving him the ability of limited flight. He often carries several pistols with him and is covered neck to foot in other weapons, such as knives, illegal substances, and other devices of pain.

Flaws: Unknown
Other: Unknown information to be revealed within the story.

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PostSubject: Re: Interitus (OOC)   

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Interitus (OOC)
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