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PostSubject: Devastation    Devastation  EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 6:58 pm



By Whoster


Before our exile, we had been warlords of the most magnificent kind. We had dominated and destroyed all who had opposed us, even created a place in the world to exile those who defied us but were not worthy of deliberate death as their punishment. This place was a horrible, caustic wasteland filled with perils. Some were common, some were rare yet indescribably horrible. We ruled with impunity.

But it wasn't to last. Usurped by our own people, we were exiled for the "crimes" they accused us of. We were stoic during their trials of us, yet ultimately brought down to the pit we had sentenced others to.

I am Kal Akor, former Warlord and ruler of the tenth plot, and this is my narrative. A narrative of Devastation.


Chapter 1



"Akor, get up."

Someone was handling me, trying to pull me upwards. I groggily rose, afflicted by a tremendous ache in all of my body. "Wha-what.. where... agh.. ugh.." was the only thing I could utter. My strength was fully depleted from something. What was it? Something had happened, something important. My vision cleared slightly to reveal an ally and friend. Des. I remembered him, his name, Des. Des what? Des something.

"D-des.. something." I muttered, trying to muster the strength to stand on my own. All I could do was repeat my own thoughts outloud and look foolish.

"Kal Akor, get up. We're.. here." In response, I shut my eyes tight, relieving some urge to shield my eyes from their soreness, and opened them again. What surrounded me was a literal living nightmare, and of my own design no less. I vaguely recognized the swirling dust storms in the distance, creating an ambient presence around far-off foothills, which themselves were littered with sharp rocks.

Dead and dying grass was under my feet, a reflection of the quality of life in the wastelands, and as I looked upwards and to my right acid rain from dark, unnaturally green clouds sleeted against mountains that were a mere mile away. I knew exactly where we were in the next moment, and collapsed painfully to the rocky ground once more, all hope or desire to survive drained from me.

"No, no, no, listen to me." Des was speaking again. "Meh." I wimpered.

"When were transforming the land here, I littered caves and resources around the area for any smart enough to find it, and kept them updated and supplied. Only I knew of them, and I can guide us to them. We have to stick togeth-" I got up quickly after hearing Des say this, now replete with one emotion: rage. Despite a sharp pain in my leg, I charged at Des, grabbing him and causing us to both tumble downwards, where I proceeded to attempt to strangle him. I didn't get the chance to see it through, because he kicked me in the stomach, knocking me far enough away for him to get up and away from me.

"Don't do that again." He said. I screamed at him.

"Why are you talking about resources and secret caves?! It's %$#!ing over. Nothing is worth anything now. You're a fool. And anyway, why are you so confident, huh? Why don't you admit we're done?!" I yelled as loudly as possible, not caring about anything.

"Because unlike you I'm not willing to just give up when I don't get my way. We could waste every opportunity now and kill eachother; there are plenty of rocks around here. Or, we can go find those caves. I have more strength than you do, so don't think I won't use it."

The sand and the dirt from the ground was in my teeth and on my tattered clothes. I tried to get up, but did so with the addition of a limp.

"Well... fine." I said, more willing to try to survive now. Des nodded. "Let's go."

My username is pronounced "hoo-ster."
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